Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alaskan Adventures!

I'm doing a couple of posts tonight when I should be doing homework! This is too fun. You can click on "older posts" to amuse yourselves if you'd like. :)
While Mark was playing "Where in the world is...Mark Taylor!?" (a bit from the Today show with Matt Lauer for those of you who were like, "huh?"), the kiddos and I headed to the great outdoors of Alaska! Yes, Mark went to the exotic places of Budapest, Hungary and Thailand (for work, supposedly), but we decided to see a part of the US that we never thought we would see. Well, we mostly went because my bestie from the Berkeley days lives there. Her and I were best of friends and our daughters (our firstborns) were besties as well. We were pregnant with our seconds together and Mark got a job with Crispin in FL and we parted ways. It was so fun to see them again. It's the kind of friendship that picks up right where you left off and time between us didn't matter.
Mindy and David were quite the tour guides...sand dunes, rafting, fishing, zoo, ice skating, glaciers, hiking, and Mindy pulling around on the highway to see moose, beluga whales, etc. We saw a bear on the river and lots of eagles! We tried Salmon for the first time because we are not fishy food people and we loved it! The kids wanted to camp, but due to lots of rain and cold we wimped out. But...we did set up a tent...not in the backyard, but the upper deck of their house. Why there, you ask? Oh, because a bear was sighted next door! A few days after we left a bear invaded their garage. Thanks for waiting till we left Mr. Bear.
It was an amazing time and there are memories that will last a lifetime! Love you Hymas' and Alaska!